How it Works

Advertising requires specific knowledge about the target market segment. Modern ad men are obsessed with data harvesting and to that end they know more about you than you would be comfortable sharing. Data tracking plays a fundamental role in the highly profitable, real-time, ad exchange ecosystem. Yet, despite all of the artificial intelligence and targeting employed by Big Data most ads remain irrelevant at best and annoying at worst.

Consumer disaffection with ads has resulted in a huge increase in the use of ad-blocking software which impedes data tracking but jeopardizes the entire business model. One inelegant solution is already at work: the anti-adblocker! This is hardly a reasonable answer and will only precipitate and endless, inefficient war.

Mass proposes a truce. End the spying, end the software wars, and start paying consumers their fair share for the data they provide. Moreover, allow the user to share as little or as much as they choose and openly ask them for clarifications along the way. Individuals will be compensated and industry will receive quality as well quantity of data.

Mass is software for consumers, webmasters, advertisers, and data management platforms. The founding goal is to create a convenient marketplace for all. This platform incorporates a frictionless, secure, and verifiable payment system based on the blockchain.

Mass makes every internet user an interested party in these relations and improves consumer attitudes towards ads and publishers. This will make advertising much more efficient to the benefit of all parties involved.

Mass is part of a trend towards true democratization of the internet. However, we did not start the “counter-ad revolution”. Much work was initiated by the likes of AdBlock Plus and others whose work first brought relief from the constant barrage of ads to internet users nearly 10 years ago.

However, at the present time only Mass Network, with its powerful ad-blocking software, native currency, and user compensation model, offers a complete and sustainable option for internet users who are tired of irrelevant ads and who receive nothing in return for the data which fuels the ads in the first place.

Most of the products offered in the ad-block space do just that. The problem is that more often than not these companies make concessions to the ad industry at some point (again without any benenfit to end-users). While we cannot blame an enterprise for wanting to make a buck we are nonetheless compelled to point out this alarming hypocrisy to the people who use these services under the assumption that they have users’ best intentions in mind—they do not.

AdBlock Plus grants exemption from ad-blocking to certain users who pay for access. Brave blocks all ads only to replace them with its own ads. It does this in order to “make pages load faster”.

Ad-block users are invited to consider the information above and then have a look at how Mass is solving not only the original problem (posed by the online advertising industry) but going beyond what it available from current solutions (which promise more than they actually give).

The Past: Real Time Bidding and Oligopolies

Everybody makes money but web users. Widespread data abuse.

The Present: Ad Blockers and the Privileged

Some make money, users not among them. Miserable data abuse attempts.

The Future: Mass.Network

Everybody makes fair money. No data abuse.