The Team

Mass unites experts from the worlds of advertising and cryptography.

Advisory Board

Andrei Cheglakov

Chairman, AVC Charity

"Changing the ad industry requires nothing other than an awareness of its limitations."

Anthony Reversat

Operations & Strategy, Evernote

"Mass Coin offers the ease of digital payments and blockchain security without the notorious volatility of most crypto-currencies."

Bart Dorsa


"Creating a new paradigm requires bold vision. Art is at the forefront of innovation and artists are those who can translate vision into action."

Igor Lozhevsky

Former Vice-Chairman, Deutsche Bank Eastern Europe

"There has to be a way to reconcile people's contempt for ads with their desire to discover new products and services. This reconciliation is Mass."

Laurent Tillette de C-T

Process Transformation Solution Specialist, IBM

"Fixing the broken ad industry by rewarding users for their attention is the guiding principle of Mass."

Sean Lundy

Silicon, Software, Systems Technologist

"The elegant simplicity of Mass is matched by its real potential to be a game-changer. Advertising is not inherently evil but exploitation is."

Core Developers

Alexander Kuzmin

CEO, Mass

"The Blockchain offers everything you could ask for from a payments processor: speed, transparency, and security. With Mass, we will introduce this proven tech solution to the mainstream public."

Maria Brown aka Gioconda

Alexey Oshchepkov

Michael Malley

Jerome Rousselot

Sam Cheng Hung

Ravindra Kumar

Sergey Dolgopolov