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Online advertising is an 
exploitive practice.

All profits are based on your data.

Ads are annoying, deceptive, and seldom relevant to your interests.

Some ads can even install malware, steal important files, or compromise your entire online presence.

Unwarranted ads take away your time and skew your attention. You provide the data for these ads but get nothing in return!

Ad-blockers are useful 
but limited.

Mass offers superior ad-blocking technology plus the option to view relevant, whitelisted ads in exchange for payment. You decide how much or how little to share with websites. The more you share, the more you earn.

Webmasters will have to accommodate Mass users as their numbers grow. The Mass platform gives them the ability to pay you for your data in a transparent way at a market-determined price.

your data!

Installing Mass gives you data protection plus the ability to receive payments for only as much data you wish to share.

Site owners on the Mass network bid and pay you for viewing relevant ads.

The more ads you are willing to view the more you will be compensated on the MASS network. Finally, justice in the world of online advertising!

Why Mass? 
Why now?

Ad-blocking is seeing staggering growth. 50% increase anually.

Platforms that reward users for providing meaningful content are the new norm across various industries.

Mass unites experts from the worlds of advertising and cryptography.

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